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Committee Chair:

AAV Student Membership / Veterinary School Liaison

Elizabeth B. Mackey, DVM

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Elizabeth Mackey is a 2006 graduate of the University of GA, where she also completed an internship in Exotic, Wildlife and Zoological Medicine. She is a former high school science teacher and spent 20 years rehabilitating wildlife before attending veterinary school. Her main emphasis was the rehabilitation of raptors, songbirds and rabies vectors, and she traveled around the state using her non-releasables to educate the public about the fascinating world of birds. Currently she owns Sycamore Veterinary Services, where she sees dogs, cats and exotic species.

Student Co-Chairs

Zoë van der Plaats received her Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine in 2016 and is currently a student in the Masters Program at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands.


She is active this year on the board of the veterinary student association Archaeopteryx as treasurer. Archaeopteryx is an association for birds and exotic animals, which helps her to broaden her network in avian medicine. She is excited about using the networks of the AAV and Archaeopteryx to help both associations grow!


Zoë’s interest in avian species originates from her father who worked as a falconer for about 15 years. She grew up with multiple birds of prey of varying species. From a very young age, she has helped her father care for their birds of prey. Later on during her study in veterinary medicine, she came to appreciate all other birds too, however her interest still goes out more to birds of prey.

Cassandra Rodenbaugh is from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is a member of Oklahoma State Univeristy’s veterinary class of 2019. As a child, she realized that bearded vultures and secretarybirds were more remarkable than fairies and dragons and, even better, they were real. This led to her deep passion for raptor conservation, including the medical mitigation of environmental poisons, international breeding and reintroduction programs, and collaborating with human populations that have raptors actively integrated in their culture.


Cassandra has studied raptor rehabilitation and veterinary care in the United States and Europe, assisted in translating the Bearded Vulture European studbook, has volunteered with avian husbandry at the Tulsa Zoo for seven years, and is currently engaged in rodenticide-related coagulopathy research. Eventually she hopes to join the AZA’s Raptor Taxon Advisory Group and be an active participant in avian conservation medicine. Cassandra joined the AAV because the association facilitates similar passions and she hopes to connect to more people and learn from them.

Taylor Tvede is a veterinary student at Ross University in St. Kitts. She attended Cornell College and double-majored in biology and environmental studies so she could combine her love of conservation with the potential to continue on into a medical field. After completing her undergraduate education in 2013, she moved around the country and worked at various rescue and rehab facilities, sanctuaries, and zoological facilities. She has worked with all kinds of animals like sea turtles, big cats, bears, primates, reptiles, the whole shebang, but birds are easily her favorite, and she has a special love of raptors. Taylor has always been very passionate about exotic animals and wildlife. Ideally, she would love to be a zoo veterinarian for a facility that encourages and supports in situ conservation projects that she can initiate or be a part of. She is involved with many organizations on her campus that get her more experience with exotic mammals, reptiles, and birds and is currently the president of Ross University’s AAV student chapter.

Taylor has a pet hedgehog that is currently being fostered back in her hometown of Albuquerque, NM since hedgehogs are illegal on St. Kitts, but the pet void has been filled by her island cat and any bird that needs home care.


Please note: AAV does NOT provide medical information to the public on this site or via phone, email or social media sites. Please visit the find a vet directory to locate a veterinarian in your community.