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AAV Student and House Officer Manuscript Competitions for 2018

The Association of Avian Veterinarians is pleased to announce the annual Student and House Officer Manuscript Competitions for the year 2018.


Eligible applicants for the Student Manuscript Competition include all veterinary students and the House Officer Manuscript Competition is open to current interns and residents. The protocol and awards for each category are identical.


Submitted manuscripts may consist of:

  • A case report (new or unusual disease, or new diagnostic or therapeutic modality)
  • A retrospective or prospective clinical study
  • A review article

The manuscript can focus on any avian species except commercial poultry.


Authors must follow guidelines for submission as outlined in the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery.


Criteria for selection of the manuscript for each AAV Manuscript Award is based on clinical relevance, scientific validity, contribution to avian medicine, utilization of a multi-discipline approach to problem-solving, and adherence to guideline requirements.


The student and house officer selected for these awards will be expected to present their papers at ExoticsCon 2018 (joint conference of AAV, AEMV and ARAV) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, September 22-27, 2018. If chosen to present at the conference, the awardee will be requested to submit abstracts for publication in the conference proceedings. The full paper will not be published so that the author may submit their original completed work to the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery.


Each award recipient will receive complimentary main conference registration, a plaque commemorating the occasion and a check for $500.00 to help defray travel expenses.


Manuscripts must be submitted electronically to the AAV Executive Director at no later than April 13, 2018.


It is the applicant's responsibility to verify receipt of manuscript. If the applicant has not been formally notified of receipt of their manuscript within 7 days of email submission, please contact the Executive Director directly at or 1-201-446-2442. Awarded recipients will be notified via email after all submissions have been reviewed.  

Please note: AAV does NOT provide medical information to the public on this site or via phone, email or social media sites. Please visit the find a vet directory to locate a veterinarian in your community.