Bird Owner Resources

Bird Owner Resources

Why Do I Need an Avian Vet?

Many species of pet birds have a long lifespan, and most people who obtain a companion or aviary bird expect a long-term, rewarding relationship with their bird. An avian veterinarian, monitoring your bird’s health, can play a vital role in this goal. The Association of Avian Veterinarians recommends regular checkups for companion birds to ensure they live a full, healthy life. Download our brochure on "Finding a Veterinarian for your Feathered Friend" to learn more about how to select the best care provider for your pet bird.



Locate an Avian Veterinarian Near You

Whether you are a new bird owner, moving to a new neighborhood or looking for a new avian veterinarian, you may find AAV's Find-a-Vet tool useful to locate an avian veterinarian you are both comfortable with and confident in.

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Bird Owner Resources

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Veterinary Care for Your Pet Bird


Basic Care for Companion Birds


When Should I Take My Bird to a Veterinarian?


Signs of Illness in Companion Birds


Zoonotic Diseases in Backyard Poultry: How to Keep Your Family Safe


AAV Enrichment Tip Blog

There are 5 types of enrichment that can be provided to your pet bird. These include 1) sensory, 2) nutritional, 3) manipulative, 4) environmental, and 5) behavioral. Think about each category when putting together your pet’s living space! Follow #AAVEnrichmentTip posts on AAV's social media sites or visit the blog for weekly posts.

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Additional Resources

Poison Control

Visit the ASPCA Poison Control site for information.


Avian Influenza Information

Visit this page for journal articles, biosecurity fact sheets, signs of disease, and other helpful links related to avian influenza.


Backyard Poultry Information

This page contains additional information and helpful links related to backyard poultry.


About AAV

Learn more about the Association of Avian Veterinarians mission, vision, membership and benefits.


Please note: AAV does NOT provide medical information to the public on this site or via phone, email or social media sites. Please visit the find a vet directory to locate a veterinarian in your community.