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March/April Legislative Update

Wednesday, March 27, 2019  

H.R. 1337 – Saving America’s Pollinators Act of 2019


Neonicotinoid pesticides in use for current United States agriculture practices have devastating effects on native pollinators and songbirds. A bill introduced into the House on February 25th would set up a “Pollinator Protection Board” that would independently review pesticides registered by the Environmental Protection Agency.  The board would have the authority to revoke registration and prohibit sale of pesticides that are demonstrated to be harmful to pollinators and their habitats.  In addition, the Act would require the EPA to cancel the registrations of any pesticide containing neonicotinoids until enough evidence has been collected to determine them safe.


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The USDA has approved a pilot study on Kaua’i that will assess non-lethal harassment of Hawaiian geese on a resort adjacent to the Lihue airport.


The resort grounds were a popular nesting location for the endangered geese, and from 2014-2016 over 600 individual geese were relocated from the resort to the islands of Maui and Hawaii to mitigate dangers to aviation.


Wildlife Services (a division of USDA/APHIS) conducted an Environmental Assessment of a pilot project to use non-lethal methods to deter the geese from returning to their nesting sites.  The proposed method primarily utilizes herding dogs to perform controlled stalking, as well as vehicular and on-foot harassment when dogs cannot be used.  The pilot study will be performed through June of 2020.


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