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AAV Announces Search for New Journal Editor

Monday, September 17, 2018  

After 25 years of service to the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV) as the Editor-in-Chief and as Scientific Editor for the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery (JAMS), Drs. James Carpenter and Katherine Quesenberry have announced their respective retirements. The AAV has been extremely fortunate to have benefitted from the experience and expertise of Drs. Carpenter and Quesenberry to consistently produce a peer-reviewed veterinary journal of exceptional quality and value. 

A search committee has been formed to begin the process of selecting a new Editor for JAMS. A full description of the duties and responsibilities of the position can be found below.  Interested parties should contact the AAV Executive Director Bob Groskin at for further information. 


Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery (JAMS)

The Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery (JAMS) is a peer-reviewed, scientific publication in the field of avian veterinary medicine and surgery.  The circulation volume of JAMS is approximately 1,400 subscriptions. The Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery is the official journal of the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV) and is published by the AAV.


Primary Responsibilities of the Journal Editor of JAMS

A full description of the duties and responsibilities of the position can be found below. The position will have primary responsibility for the publication of JAMS. The Editor will work under the guidance of the AAV Executive Board. The position can be based at the successful applicant’s current location. The Editor will be paid as an independent contractor with compensation of $37,500 per annum. The expected term of office is a minimum of five (5) years.


Preference will be given to candidates with a DVM/VMD degree and a strong interest and experience in the field of avian medicine and a solid record of scientific publication.

Journal Editor Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Editor of the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery (JAMS) include the following:

Maintain and Oversee an Editorial Board of Associate Editors for JAMS

  1. Recruit Associate Editors to the JAMS Editorial Board.
  2. Maintain a list of Associate Editor names, degrees, affiliations, contact information, and duties and responsibilities.
  3. Provide guidance, mentoring, and coaching to Associate Editors.  Provide Associate Editors with clear and concise instructions and the mechanisms to ask questions of or express concerns to the Editor.
  4. Provide Associate Editors with a list of potential Manuscript Reviewers and methods of procuring additional Reviewers using the Allen Press submission and peer review management system (currently Allen Track).
  5. Monitor the activities of Associate Editors to ensure fair, timely, and thorough editorial review of manuscripts.  Remove Associate Editors from the JAMS Editorial Board that do not fulfill their duties and responsibilities.

Review and Prepare Each Journal Issue

1.  Review Manuscripts

  • Perform Initial Quality Check of each submitted manuscript.  Evaluate all manuscripts after initial submission to JAMS through Allen Track to determine if the manuscript meets the needs of the Journal regarding the subject matter and the target audience.
  • Assign each manuscript that has been initially approved to an Associate Editor through Allen Track (See Attachment 1: Manuscript Submissions to JAMS 1/2015 to 8/2018)
  • Each Associate Editor then assigns two Manuscript Reviewers to each manuscript.
  • Each Associate Editor generally oversees four manuscripts per year.
  • Serve as the effective Associate Editor for all unassigned manuscripts 
  • Evaluate the decision of the Associate Editor and make final decision (accept, revise, reject) on each manuscript.
  • Evaluate style, format, grammar, tables, references to ensure they meet the standards for JAMS.  Request any necessary revisions directly from authors via Allen Track.
  • Oversee additional JAMS content including
  • Review topics / Hot topics
  • Round Table Discussions
  • Notes From the Field
  • Historical Perspectives
  • Selected Abstracts
  • Upcoming Meetings
  • Book reviews
  • Ensure prompt, fair, and thorough manuscript review and editing through regular and timely communications with authors, Associate Editors, and Allen Press.

2.  Perform Manuscript Final Review and Prepare Journal Issue

  • Assign fully accepted manuscripts to a journal issue number to ensure adequate number of original articles and cases reports as well as “What’s Your Diagnosis” articles per issue.
  • Currently, JAMS publish 10 to 12 manuscripts and one “What’s Your Diagnosis” article per issue. Issues are published quarterly.
  • Perform initial macro- and micro-editing of each manuscript as needed before final submission to Allen Track for copyediting and typesetting.
  • Evaluate each manuscript for accuracy of numbers, tables, references, figures.
  • Make grammatical changes following general editing guidelines and principles of the American Medical Writers Association.
  • Proof all galleys for each manuscript/article in each issue before publication.
  • Inspect each galley for accuracy, typographical errors, printing errors, and any errors introduced by copy editor.
  • Evaluate for any final author queries needed on each manuscript.
  • Evaluate layout.
  • Oversee JAMS layout details, including
  • Table of Contents (TOC), including order of manuscripts
  • Annual Indexes
  • List of Contributing Authors
  • Masthead updates
  • Meet submission target date for each journal issue to ensure timely publication of quarterly journal issues as best as possible.

3.  Communicate with Interested Parties

  • Provide open channels of communication by email and phone with interested parties in order to assure fair, timely, and thorough manuscript review and journal publication
  • Authors – Communicate with manuscript authors as necessary for manuscript revision through Allen Track.  Ensure that the manuscript review process is as positive experience for authors as possible.
  • Associate Editors – Communicate with Associate Editors as needed.  Facilitate communication between authors and Associate Editors through Allen Track.
  • Reviewers – Communicate directly with Manuscript Reviewers when necessary.  Facilitate communication between Associate Editors and Reviewers through Allen Track when needed. 
  • Allen Press – Work directly with the Managing Editor for JAMS at Allen Press.
  • Respond to Letters to the Editor from individual parties
  • Investigate disputes in the submission, review, and publication processes

4.  Other JAMS Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain current Annual Production Timelines and Guidelines.
  • Maintain current Instructions to Authors
  • Respond to Release of Copyright requests and other requests for publication of JAMS content elsewhere.  Maintain all Release of Copyright request forms.
  • Maintain Release of Copyright forms from authors for Sources for Journal Publication.

Report to the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV)

  1. Attend in-person at the annual conference of the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV).  A stipend will be provided to cover travel expenses.
  2. Attend the mid-year AAV Advisory Council meeting (currently the meeting is held by conference call at a time during the first couple months of each year)
  3. Prepare both an annual and a mid-year JAMS Editorial Board report for the annual and mid-year AAV Advisory Council meetings.
  4. Conduct an on-site annual JAMS Editorial Board meeting with JAMS staff and Associate Editors at the AAV annual conference.

Other AAV Duties

  1. Work with the AAV Executive Board to maintain a current Policy and Procedure Manual as it applies to JAMS
  2. Interface with the AAV Executive Director, AAV President, and AAV Executive Board as needed.
  3. Interface with Allen Press on AAV issues.

Continuing Education

  1. Attend professional and educational conferences or meetings to ensure compliance with the standards of industry for journal publication and scientific review.  A stipend will be provided to cover travel expenses.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  1. If an Editorial Assistant is used, oversee the activities of the Editorial Assistant (including the verifying of all references for accuracy).
  2. Other duties and responsibilities as directed by the AAV Executive Director, AAV President, and AAV Executive Board.

Please note: AAV does NOT provide medical information to the public on this site or via phone, email or social media sites. Please visit the find a vet directory to locate a veterinarian in your community.