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Member Spotlight: Odette Doest and Bob the Flamingo

Monday, April 16, 2018  


This month AAV is pleased to feature a special edition of the AAV Member Spotlight. Odette Doest, DVM has been a member of AAV since 2000. Dr. Doest was recently featured in a National Geographic story about her work with Bob the Flamingo. The article featured photography by Jasper Doest, a wildlife photographer (and Odette's cousin). 


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Dr. Doest shared a short video clip that shows Bob in action at a school outreach event at a Curacao elementary school in the neighborhood of Kura Piedra. The children are between the ages of 4 and 7. "There is a RAMSAR area/swamp just 5 miles from the school which is an important area for waterbirds, migratory birds and even flamingo's so it was especially thrilling to be able to teach those youngsters empowerment tools for conservation and teach them about the chain of life and what happens if they pollute their environment with plastic, insecticide or other trash, or if they don't respect the birds and don't leave them alone. It was wonderful and they were very happy. All promised to be future guardians of wildlife health!" states Dr. Doest. 

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