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AAV Enrichment Tips
Welcome to the AAV Enrichment Tip Blog! There are 5 types of enrichment that can be provided to your pet bird. These include 1) sensory, 2) nutritional, 3) manipulative, 4) environmental, and 5) behavioral. Think about each category when putting together your pet’s living space! Follow #AAVEnrichmentTip posts on AAV's social media sites or subscribe to this blog for weekly posts.
42 10/8/2019
Amazing Aspects of Aviculture
Visit this blog to learn more about aviculture. What is aviculture? Learn about its history and aviculture efforts today!
2 9/5/2019
Member Spotlight
This special feature showcases AAV's most valuable asset--our members--by highlighting our diverse backgrounds, professional activities, experience, and geographic locations.
12 9/18/2019

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