Flavia Giorgetti
Last updated: 4/10/2018
Dr Flavia Giorgetti
Veterinarian from Developing Nation
Personal Information
Sao Carlos
Sao Carlos-SP
1631164970 (Phone)
Professional Information
Clinica Veterinaria Icarai
Rua Dr Serafim Vieira de Almeida ,275
Jd Paraiso
Sao Carlos
Sao Carlos-SP
13561130  Brazil
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1631164970 (Phone)
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  Birds of prey: Strigiformes, Falconiformes, Accipitriformes, Cranes: Gruiformes, Fowl: Galliformes, Herons, Storks: Ciconiiformes, Parrots: Psittaciformes, Passerines: Passeriformes, Pigeons, doves: Columbiformes, Waterfowl: Anseriformes
  ABVP (Avian Practice), ABVP(Exotic Companion Mammal Practice), ABVP(Reptile and Amphibian Practice), DVM
  International (Non-US/Canada)
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